POS (Point Of Sales) Solution

POS HRM CRM destino

Destino provide a complete Point Of Sale solution with CRM, accounts, HRM and stock manager. packed with a ton of features like invoicing, quotations, purchase orders, inventory management, customer management, supplier management, project management etc.

POS Sales - Manage Invoices, Mobile Invoices, Credit Notes

Record your sales without missing by selecting product from screen and make payment by manually or using online . And allows to print bill itself.You can track your income and invoice.

Stock - Manage Product, Warehouses, Purchase Order, Suppliers

No matter what industry you work in & what types of products or services you are offering to customers. You can manage it, create orders, create new suppliers, transfer stock, stock returns, manage warehouses.

Accounts - Manage Accounts, Transactions, Income and Expense

Now it's easy to record your business inflow and outflow in one place. Instantly see how your business is performing, make smarter business decisions with account statements.

Promo code - Coupons, Manage Promo

Don't discourage your customers, they wish to get something free. you can give them Coupons and manage them by using our POS solution.

Miscellaneous - Notes, Calendar, Documents

Don't take your pen and paper, have a solution for that. You can create your Notes, Add events in calendar, and save your valuable documents in this POS Solutions.

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